Double Twist Wrapper

The Loynds Double Twist Wrapper is of a modern design which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. The machine has a wrapping speed of up to 500 per minute and has a fully self-contained lubrication system. The film length is changeable by PLC.




Robot Case Packing Station

Robot case packing machines are extremely reliable and flexible systems that pick and pack products of different shapes into cases, trays, etc. Depending on the complexity of your needs, it can supply a standard pre-engineered or a customized robot case packer that provides you with the equipment that is best suited to your specific needs. In brief, robotic case packing machines can help you significantly reduce your labor costs and increase your productivity.



Vertical Collating System

Vertical Collating System is used to automatically collate and stack the products in vertical direction and to feed them directly into cartons or cases by means of mechanical or pneumatic devices. This makes individual products to stand up side way, making another packing configuration available.




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